Employment Discrimination Lawyers

Much of the discrimination that occurs today happens in the workplace. People who feel they have been discriminated against, and the employers that are accused of discrimination, require lawyers to protect their interests. The following law firms have all earned solid, positive reputations for their effectiveness in representing employment law cases.

#1: Duane Morris, LLP

Duane Morris, LLP is a law firm that has more than 700 locations throughout the United States and other areas of the world. The firm and its attorneys have received numerous honors and awards including, but not limited to, the firm being named one of US News and World Report’s, “Best Law Firms 2011-2012.” One of their top attorneys, Michael Casey, III, has extensive and proven experience representing employers and management involved in employment discrimination cases.

#2: Law Offices of Costello & Mains, P.C.

Located in New Jersey, this law firm focuses exclusively on employment law cases. This includes all types of employment discrimination including age, race, disability, pregnancy, religion, whistleblower, sexual identity and harassment. They are known for their willingness to go up against anyone who discriminates against someone else, no matter how large or powerful they are. One of their attorneys, Kevin Costello, has been chosen as one of “New Jerseys Super Lawyers” for the last six years.

#3: Katz, Marshall, & Banks

Although the firm of Katz, Marshall, & Banks is located in Washington, DC, they are known nationally for their knowledge of employment law. They were chosen a US News and World Report’s, “Best Law Firms 2010” and the firm’s three partners were all named as being one of “Washington’s Top Lawyers” in Washingtonian Magazine. They have represented people at all levels of employment and customize their legal plan to meet each client’s individual needs and goals. They are often able to settle cases out of court through mediation.

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#4: Bernabei & Wachtel, PLLC

Also located in Washington, DC, this firm has been successful in representing thousands of clients in all areas of employment discrimination law. Lawyers in the firm have written at length about employment law. Their extensive knowledge has enabled them to train others on sexual harassment prevention and whistleblower protection. They have great knowledge of the impact of discrimination and work hard to gain justice for each client.

#5: Posner & Rosen, LLP

Posner & Rosen, LLP was formed in 1985 and is located in Los Angeles, California. The lawyers in the firm offer their clients over 55 years of combined experience. They focus entirely on labor and employment law. This includes, but is not limited to, wrongful termination, workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. Their partners, Michael Posner and Howard Rosen are members of the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers.

Employment discrimination laws were created to protect the people who are most vulnerable to discrimination in the workplace. While federal laws apply in every state, individual states may have their own laws to offer employees further protection from discrimination. All of the above lawyers play a necessary role in making sure people who are discriminated against have the best possible chance of a positive resolution.
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